Point Address: The world has a new address

Sudeep Sudeep Dec 03, 2020 · 3 mins read
Point Address: The world has a new address
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Democratizing physical addresses for everyone in the world by allowing individuals to create, update and share their Addresses.

Did you ever wonder who gave the addresses to your home? In fact why is the address of your office, gym, or any building/place in the world called the way it is?

Most addresses in the world were created either by the Governments, local authorities or construction companies that laid out plans for building a particular complex. While most things have evolved, technology for some reason has so far revolved around assuming physical addresses to be immutable eternal truths.

We intend to change this.

Point Address

Point Addresses are addresses that any individual can create, and map it to a particular location in the world. You can choose any name, but just like email addresses, Point Addresses also have a format - called Point Notation.

You can create multiple Point Addresses, edit, change visibility or delete them anytime.

Point: Dynamic mapping of the world

Points are unique in a given country, so if the Point of your chosing is taken, you would have to choose a different one.

Moving? Simply change your Point

With Point Addresses, if you plan to move you no longer have to share the new address with your friends, and one day all your shipments too. Your Point moves with you. Just update the Point addresses you have shared with everyone, to your new location.

Update location but not address.

Point Notation

Points follow simple notation. Alphanumeric characters that follow with the country code. No special characters, and no spaces are allowed, but you can use dashes between words.

The point notation ends with two dots, one in beginning and one in the end, noting beginning and end of the Point Address.

Point notation

Maximum length of a Point address is 30 characters, with the two dots, and dash + country code, every user has 25 characters of their choosing.

When you share a Point, you hide your Legal address from others. In an ideal world, you won’t have to worry about leaving the your address on the sticker of couriers and shipments.

You can always edit, delete your Points, or better make them Private.

Keep your Legal address safe.

Legal addresses should be used for legal purposes. Property transfers, opening bank accounts and such. Point gives the users access to protect their privacy.

Faster, better deliveries

With Point, you share your address details with delivery person

Have you every wanted to let the delivery person know which bell to ring, or the community parking code, or where to leave the package? With Point you can add photos, and description of your address, and whoever is delivering will be able to access this information.

Hosting a party? You don’t have to print a map, or send 100 messages on where to park and how to find the venue. Point address can have all the information they need.

How to access Point?

Point Address is available on Web (Desktop + Mobile), and App Store (Android coming soon!). Create your Point Address now.

Also available on:
Apple Store Link

The world has a new address.

Written by Sudeep
Founder, Milkie Way, Inc.