Inviting all the Travelers and Nomads

Sudeep Sudeep Feb 09, 2021 · 2 mins read
Inviting all the Travelers and Nomads
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To all the travellers, campers and nomads, we invite you to the Point Address platform.

Until now, there hasn’t been a good way for RVs, or Campers to have a physical address. More than 1 million people live in RVs in US today, yet there is no physical address available for RVs.

This deprives a lot of such users from getting mail, food and shipping like Amazon delivered to their doorsteps.

With Point Address, you decide your address. When your RV moves, you can update the position of your Point, keeping the same Point Address reflecting to the new position.

With Point, your physical address moves with you.

Point Address of an RV Camped in Malibu: ·malibu-happy-rv-us·

Picture is worth a thousand words

With Point Address, you can add description (license plate / color?), phone number, and also pictures! When the delivery person arrives, they can look at the photo and compare before leaving the package.

When you share a Point, you share lat/lng of the point with 7 digit decimals which is highly accurate. The satellite view of the Point will be old and not reflect the truth and that’s why when the delivery person arrives, they will look at the image to confirm the address before delivery.

</a> Point Address of an RV Camped in Malibu: ·malibu-happy-rv-us·

Democratize Addresses for Everyone

Point Addresses are democratized. Instead of Government, social organizations or Postal services, it is you who define the address.

It is our mission that one day, all delivery services should be able to deliver to campers, RVs and nomads the same way they work for government defined residential properties.

We need your support

If we get enough users, we can convince Amazon, USPS and all other global delivery services to integrate with Point Address, and start delivering to you.

It’s much easier to share Point Address than even actual addresses. With Point Address, you decide what you want to call your address.

Join the revolution. Get your Point Address today. It’s free, and takes less than a minute to create.

Written by Sudeep
Founder, Milkie Way, Inc.