Point Address API

Sudeep Sudeep Feb 07, 2021 · 1 min read
Point Address API
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Today we are announcing Point Address API for reverse geocoding Point Addresses.

The API is available on MaiA Platform. Link here:

We are utilizing our Maia Platform to serve the Point Address API.

Point Address Documentation

Some FAQs

How do I get access?

Visit . Create an Account and generate an API Key. Send a Post Request with a Point Address to get the reverse geocode.

How much does it cost?

Point API is as good as free. 1000 requests per month are free (no credit card required), and after that, it is 1000 requests for 50 cents.

Discounts available, please reach out to us at

How much work is it to deploy?

Not much really. We have very simple API with well documented endpoints.

When can I use it?

Starting now! Note that Maia Platform is in Beta stage. It shouldn’t affect your use in any way but if you run into issues, please send us a note.

Integrate with Point Address. Deliver to everyone in the world.

Written by Sudeep
Founder, Milkie Way, Inc.