Stop leaking your address

Sudeep Sudeep Jan 11, 2021 · 3 mins read
Stop leaking your address
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The world is becoming more and more aware of privacy and concerns around it. We are trying to limit sharing our personal information online, but how often are we protecting one of our most private information: our legal address?

Your address is Private

Think about it, how often do you share your legal address in the world?

From online shopping, to delivery like food, grocery or selling second hand goods in marketplace… how many entities did you share your address with in the last one year? My bad, one year is too long. How about last one month?

Your address information is personally identifiable information (Private Information), and shouldn’t be accessible by entities who don’t really need it.

Your legal address is Private information.

From group chats, to online portals; from free signups to lucky draws; from resumes to job applications; from facebook marketplace to craigslist we keep sharing our address with strangers on untrusted platforms.

We consistently hear news about data leaks from poorly coded applications that exposed your address to malicious actors. Many online applications sell your legal address information to third parties for profit, or worse knowingly for the purpose of spam, phishing or hijacking your identity online or in the real world.

Despite this, we never we ask ourselves, why are we sharing the most private information with everyone?

Well, the reason is simple: there hasn’t been a platform until now which allowed users to “create addresses”. This is a new concept that most of us never thought of, but subconsciously have always wished it existed.

The concept of “creating a personal address” is something most of us have never thought of, but subconsciously wished it existed.

Share Point Addresses

Point addresses are not legal addresses. They are mapping to a Point in the world named by you. You can create as many Point Addresses as you may want instantly.

You can call the location where you want deliveries as ·happy-home-us· or ·delivery2me-us· or anything else of your choice, and Point it precisely to the location in the real world with description and photos if you wish to add.

·delivery2me-us· Point Address I just created

When you create a Point Address, you have complete control over it. From updating the Point itself such as changing its name, updating Point’s location, to its visibility (Public or Private), you have full control over your Point Address.

Private, Protected and Public Points

With Point, you can mark your addresses one of the three options:

  • Private: The Point Address is only available to you, and nobody else.
  • Protected: Only those people who know the Point Address, either via link, or by name can search for it in Point Search.
  • Public: Points that are Public show on Explore and can be found by anyone looking for Points in that area. Good example of the Public points are to allow Business and Service Providers to share their location with people looking for the services.

Different Statuses for your Point Address.

Point is available everywhere

It doesn’t matter if you’re in US, Japan or India. You can use Point Address anywhere, anytime for anyone.

It is our endeavor to democratize addresses, and give the control of their location to the users themselves.

Written by Sudeep
Founder, Milkie Way, Inc.